Vastu for Apartment/Flat

Before purchasing a flat or apartment some basic things must be considered to make things going right. Vastu recommend some essential tips regarding construction and direction of flat or apartment while if you are interested in existing flat then Vastu offers rules regarding existing flat as well. There are some best permissible directions in which mirror can be placed without a hitch to avoid any … Continue reading Vastu for Apartment/Flat

Vaastu Vigyan In A Nutshell

Vaastu Vigyan is actually the science which bears the ethics of planning, architecture and creation. It involves various elements which are highly desirable for the construction and maintenance of a happy and enjoyable balance between nature and man. It provides an ambient setting for man where he can aptly enjoy his work with his colleagues. It captivates the benefits of the natural elements and incorporates … Continue reading Vaastu Vigyan In A Nutshell