Plot Management Services In Bangalore

Plots left unattended become vulnerable targets to anti-social elements and land mafia. In spite of you being the rightful owner, anti-socials and land sharks rob you of your property with forged titles that land you in needless legal battles and threat to life. This is where you need #NBD. We put our property management strengths on your side and protect your property from getting into the hands of lawless elements, keeping it fenced and well-maintained until you take control over it yourself.

We visit your property periodically and send you exclusive pictures of it. Timely updates on the developments in your neighbourhood are also sent across in a proper report format, for you to know all the details without having to visit the same.

We also update you with the market trends and the appreciation on your property. We give you periodic updates and research for the best time to sell your plot, when to hold on and when to construct. All this will be based on the research.

Our services include

  • Regular updates with photographs
  • Periodic site visits
  • Market reports to assist you decide the next step with your plot
  • Maintenance & fencing of the plot
  • Complete administration
  • Documentation & registration

No Brokerage Deals‘ (#NBD) offers complete property management services. Mail us at for more details.

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