Luxury Villas And Villa Plots | India’s 1st ‘Me Time’ Community | SPA Eco City

SPA Eco City is a world-class 40-acre, 1st of its kind, India’s 1st ‘Me Time’ community

It consists of around 300 villas and villa plots ranging between 1200 sft to 5400 sft, along with a 6 acre Spa & Resort. At SPA Eco City, world class infrastructure, meticulous, future proof planning and superbly built homes are only one part of the story. In fact, these may be taken for granted.

Where it makes a truly experiential difference is in its planning for life’s finer details — small matters that make a big difference to your quality of life.

Taking your son for his tuition, your mother for a health check up, your daughter for her music class… life is full of such ‘minor’ chores, which grab a major chunk of your time. Leaving you with no time to spare, to do the things you really want to. So you end up living in a wonderful house, wondering what happened to that wonderful life you dreamt of. Not any more!

SPA GROUP’s focus is not only on providing you a world class home but also on ensuring that you enjoy a world class, soul satisfying quality of life in it. We decided to make SPA Eco City so comprehensively self-contained, that you won’t have to waste even a minute on such ‘chores’.

With a 40-acre sprawl at our disposal, we gave SPA Eco City every conceivable amenity that would make your life easier and free up your time to do as you please.

Vismaya, the 6 acre Spa and Resort


This is where Vismaya, the 6 acre Spa and Resort at SPA Eco City, comes as a welcome boon. Helping you reclaim your life and give it the balance that makes it worth living. Fully equipped, with everything that you and your family need to stay entertained, fit, and enjoy a wholesome sense of well-being, Vismaya puts an enviable, larger than life resort style life at your command.

The moment you enter its grand entrance lobby, you will feel your spirits beginning to soar as its undeniably inspiring atmosphere consumes you. Designed in a tropical architectural style, and made of natural stone, it is bright, airy and replete with panoramic views and sprawling lawns within its premises.

Thoughtfully planned and laid out, Vismaya has separate sweat and hospitality zones, well manicured hedge lines natural pathways as well tastefully grown foliage at every turn. Vismaya is intended for use by residents as well as external members and walk in guests. This ensures that it is always fully functional and well maintained at all times. External members and visitors, however, have a separate entrance from the main road, in order to preserve SPA Eco City’s privacy.

Master Plan




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