Prakruthi Farms | Live Close To Nature

a little bit of country is good for your soul

Nothing compares the love and caress of mother. Nothing matches Mother Nature’s life-giving and life stunning provisions. PRAKRUTHI FARMS invites you home to the unmixed love and healing caress of Mother Nature. In a 50 Acre pristine lush green sprawl in Hosur. Just over an hour’s drive from Bangalore City.

Location: Click here for location map

Amenities & facilities

  1. Organic farming
  2. A preserve of woods, fruit bearing trees and plants
  3. Goshala that lends a divine air to the community
  4. Park of remedial plants, herbs and vegetation
  5. Vivid and vibrant with a butterfly park
  6. Rock gardens that make scenic quiet corners
  7. Cottages to stay in on your short trips
  8. Amphitheatre reminiscent of the classic days
  9. Safe & Secure, Efficient & Grand

Plot size: Quarter Acre (10,900 sq.ft)

Pre-launch price: Rs. 225 per sq.ft

Latest Photos (as of November 2017)

Photos of bhoomi pooja & work at site (as of July 2017)

Interested in owning a farm plot and building your weekend home? Just drop in your details in the form below. I will get back to you ASAP! 🙂

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