Vaastu Vigyan In A Nutshell

Vaastu Vigyan is actually the science which bears the ethics of planning, architecture and creation. It involves various elements which are highly desirable for the construction and maintenance of a happy and enjoyable balance between nature and man. It provides an ambient setting for man where he can aptly enjoy his work with his colleagues. It captivates the benefits of the natural elements and incorporates it aptly in our lives in order to help us enjoy enhanced benefits from life and work. It brings about joy, euphoria and harmony. The word Vaastu refers to the biological environment around us or any other thing that exists around our lives. These things or elements include our house, shelter and various other elements which depict the system of planning appropriately. Since the ancient times Vaastu Vigyan has been considered to be a vital aspect which is highly essential for town planning and architecture. Due to this reason this Vigyan is also known as the science of the directions of nature which incorporates all the five elements of nature. These include Earth, Air, Water, Fire and space. These elements are compiled to form the panchbhootas. It is strongly believed that the 9 planets are so placed due to the position and presence of the panchbhootas.

Many individuals strongly believe that these panchbhootas comprise our world as a whole. Let us now read more about the elements of the panchbhootas. Glace through, to know better.


The earth is also called the bhoomi and it enhances and extends is field having magnetic attraction and force affecting the biotic and abiotic elements of the earth. From the land structure, to the landform to the flora and the fauna; the earth is the supreme creator of all these sub elements. In fact, earth itself provides the raw materials for the elements which are used for construction.


Water which is also known as jal is said to be another vital element of the panchbhootas. The river, rain and water bodies symbolize water. The water might be in any form. It can be solid, liquid or gaseous form simultaneously. The water forms a vital form of all plants and animals hence it is absolutely vital in our lives. Physical life exists only in the area which has proper sources of water. History depicts that the major civilizations of the world grew up near the banks of the river. Hence, water symbolizes life. In fact, our lives are indispensable without water and all the cities and villages in the world sustain due to the presence of water.


Air is the most powerful element of our lives which deals with our health and our physical bodies. Air or vaayu provides us with the facilities to respire. The oxygen present in the air is highly essential for respiring. Apart from oxygen, nitrogen, carbon-di-oxide and various other inert gases like argon, krypton, helium, and neon are also present in the air in varying proportions. Dust particles are also present in the air in specific amounts. Pure air containing oxygen is highly essential for our brains and also for respiration. The physical comfort of the human beings is highly dependent on the air, humidity and the amount of temperature in the air.


Fire is also referred as Agni and it symbolizes power and warmth. It also symbolizes the light and luminosity which are required in every man’s life. Passion, nights and days, different seasons, high energy, enthusiasm all are represented with the help of fire. Without the presence of fire these sub elements fail to exist. Sun is the main and most vital source of fire which symbolizes our mental energy and plays a significant role in developing the various visual qualities in from of passion, vigor and enthusiasm.


The space is also called the Akaash. The earth, air, water and fire all are responsible for an enjoyable and comfortable space for the inhabitants of this world. The world is pleasant, vibrant and very much comfortable to live in due to the presence of these elements. Space cannot be limited to a minor textual definition. It is a vast term and it is not only composed of the entire galaxy but also the forces associated with the galaxy which include heat, light, magnetic forces and gravitational forces that revolve around our lives. These elements are found in abundance thereby creating an indispensable and significant relation of these elements with an individual’s home or office corner.

Vaastu Vigyan emphasizes the construction of buildings and apartments which are totally in sync with the five elements of nature or the panch bhootas. According to Vaastu, if you follow and plan owing to the Vaastu Vigyan, the panch bhootas and the 8 directions, then you are sure to enjoy success and prosperity.

North : North is the direction of kuber and it represents wealth and monetary gains.

North-East : North-East is the direction Ishwar and it grants you wisdom, knowledge and relief from all major and minor sufferings.

East- East : East- East is the direction of Indra who offers you monetary advantages and pleasures.

South-East : South-East is the direction of Agni who offers you enthusiasm, zeal, energy and passion in your life.

South : South is the zone of Yama which eradicates all evil elements and bestows your life with happiness.

South-West : South-West represents the Niruti who is the god of demon. He grants you purity coupled with cleanliness. He also helps you sustain the fear of various enemies.

West : West is the direction of Varun who offers you prosperity and numerous pleasures and luxuries in your life.

North-West : The northwestern direction represents Vayu who is the God of wind and who grants you a strong and commendable life which is happy, prosperous and long lasting.

Follow these Vaastu tips in your lives to enjoy lucrative results along with ample happiness. Also try to incorporate the elements of Vaastu in your daily lives in order to enhance your opportunities and live a better and enjoyable life. These guidelines will aptly help you to prosper throughout the length and breadth of your life. Also, try to get rid of your Vaastu doshas by the mentioned prescribed methods as it is absolutely necessary to get rid of the Vaastu doshas to enjoy the full on benefits from Vaastu Vigyan.

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