SPA ECO CITY | A Truly lifestyle project for a select few at Sarjapur

With great pleasure and pride, I would like to introduce “SPA ECO CITY” – A project I can sincerely vouch for the quality, USPs and amenities. A 40 acre residential villa & villa plot development coming up off Sarjapur – Bagalur Road.

The project was conceived after the overwhelming response & success to a path breaking project called “Frangipani Country Estates” – 33 villas on 31 acre, which is an ultra luxury estates style living!

The group has come up with another path breaking concept where they’ve focused on a typical family & their day to day “Real Needs” which would actually result in their qualitative living rather than simply existing. A concept that strongly focuses on one factor “ME TIME”, something which has become most scarce & unaffordable. It is not always that a well equipped gym, a swimming pool, a tennis court etc. brings the much required peace of mind but it is the fundamental basic amenities, to name a few, like 24 hour Medical help, a Tutorial classroom, Dance & Music academy etc to pursue one’s hobbies are what actually bring much required qualitative quotient to better family time, mental peace & experiencing the illusion called “ME TIME”.

Spa Eco city mailer

Sounds interesting? Just drop in your details in the form below. I will get back to you ASAP! 🙂

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